¿About Us?

cardboard-vr.net is a website that belongs to the company Cdtarjeta Innova Technologies, specialised in the conception, design and fabrication of personalised technology devices.

More than 15 years of innovation developing client-oriented products have allowed us to learn and evolve while bringing nearly 100 new technology products to the market over recent years. We were born in the year 2000 and we specialise in the creation of personalised optical devices. Since our birth, we have gradually developed a product diversification process for technology-related merchandise, allowing us to always be on the cutting-edge in the market.

With its manufacturing plants in Spain, Portugal and China, as well as its sales offices in Madrid and Vitoria, Cdtarjeta Innova Technologies is a guarantee of quality. We have always been characterised by our use of first-class electronic components, and we achieved ISO 9000 certification in the year 2008.

Cdtarjeta Innova Technologies is a guarantee of quality

Evolution of Cdtarjeta Innova Technologies

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