There currently exist 2 models of Virtual Reality Glasses made of CARDBOARD

  • Cardboard VR 1.0

    These are virtual reality glasses which are easy to assemble and based on the original Google Cardboard VR. They include two lenses, Velcro straps and a magnet so that they can be fitted to the user's head for hands-free use.

    They have been designed for use with mobiles of up to 5.7 and they can be personalised with silk-screen printing. They are easy to assemble in less than 5 minutes. Check it out in this video.

  • Cardboard VR 2.0

    This new Cardboard VR model is compatible with smartphones of up to 6 inches..

    They have been designed so that the assembly process is much simpler, with assembly being reduced to just two steps. Additionally, the magnet used as a control button has been substituted by another mechanism that works perfectly with all smartphones. Also noteworthy are their lenses, which have been made bigger to better accommodate a greater diagonal screen measurement.

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